Mo Daviau (pronounced DAH-vee-oh) is the author of the novel Every Anxious Wave. 

A graduate of Smith College and the Helen Zell Writers' Program at the University of Michigan, she lives in Portland, Oregon.


Other stuff of hers that you can read:


"The Cardigan" (The Butter, January 2015)

"You Are Not Special" (The Offing, June 2015)

"Making Pretend Ashes" (Nailed Magazine, June 2015)

"An Elegy for Adele Morales" (Gobshite Quarterly, Spring 2016)

"Bluebeard, or the Idea of Emily" (Anthologized in The Narcissist's Playbook, published by Nutshell Media, March 2017)

Foreword for the book Some Never Awaken by Louisa Leontiades (2016)

"This is Not Another Jessica Jones Think Piece Written by an Abuse Survivor," (Nailed Magazine, February 2017)

An essay on the song "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak, part of a battle royale for the title of "Greatest One Hit Wonder Song of the 1990s (, March 2017)



Representation: Jenni Ferrari-Adler at Union Literary 

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